Company Values - People, Performance over profit

Company values


All the unique values of Minelli today start from its rich heritage of over 80 years. Decades of experience, passion and profound know-how in solid wood processing are at the foundations of the Minelli corporation today.

This long tradition evolved over the years by the Minelli family into cutting edge technologies and processes capable of delivering unmatched quality and exceptional products.

Work / life balance & Community

Minelli Group is cultivating a strong reciprocal relationship between the company and its personnel.


Our employees do not just come to work, each member is dedicating hard work and commitment in order to reach the best results for the company and for our clients


Our crew members are at the center of everything and their wellbeing stays at the top of our priorities, that’s why we constantly invest in improving working environments and conditions.

Local community

In each one of our manufacturing plants, we establish a respectful relationship with the local territory and community without exploiting it. We see ourselves as part of the local social tissue and we take the responsibility to support and give our contribution while providing job opportunities.

Performance over profit.

Our first priority is to provide best in class products and services to our clients even if some times it comes at the expense of reducing our profit margins.

In Minelli performance stands above economic considerations. We invest in the most advances technologies and our R&D department is constantly researching and experimenting new and better solutions to improve our products. Instead of maximizing profit we believe in maximizing clients satisfaction which on the long run results in fidelity and long lasting profitable relationships with our customers.

Product innovation

Minelli’s investments are all focused on achieving one goal: PERFECTION through PRODUCT INNOVATION. From the raw material care to innovative shapes and finishing, our Designers and our Technicians are the right people to focus and develop new ideas following the seven steps of the Minelli Method.

Innovative Raw Materials

Minelli is continuously searching for new and innovative raw materials which can improve products quality, performance and design.

Innovative Design

Being at the front line in various industries, Minelli is always updated about the latest design trends; Our R&D department is developing on a regular basis new processes and technologies in order to keep our clients’ products always ahead of the their competition.

Innovative finishes

Some time a new and innovative finish can transform completely and existing product. Minelli is proud in its ability to offer our customers new and unique finishes which differentiate their products and give unique touch to their look.

Process innovation

Minelli’s strive for PERFECTION cannot be achieved without PROCESS INNOVATION. The developing of patented software allows us to handle the most complicated machining processes by using extremely precise machining systems and robots, to improve efficiency and keep the traditional Minelli quality.

Innovative Software

Minelli is equipped with the most advanced IT solutions in the market and together with our own proprietary patented software we can confront the most complexed technical challenges and provide unique solutions to our clients.

Innovative Production Planning

Minelli is constantly investing in cutting edge machines and technologies. When needed, our in-house engineering department is able to develop tailor made machining solutions which can respond to our clients specific needs.

Innovative Machinig

In Minelli, everything is taken into consideration and programmed to the last detail. Every phase of each production process is controlled by sophisticated software in order to guarantee efficient production and timely delivery.

Innovative Automation

90% of production processes in Minelli are automated, involving advanced technologies and sophisticated robotics solutions. These innovative processes can guarantee top class precision and constant quality.

Eco sustainability

Protecting our environment is one of our top priorities! Minelli group is certified by The Forest Stewardship Council®, we use only 100% ecological wood, selected from long-term managed forestry. Our R&D department is constantly working on developing new water based lacquers which are ecofriendly and safer for use. The sawdust and waste collected from our wood processing machines, is being reused to fuel our heating systems in order to save energy.

Our Sustainability Report

Discover how we're building a greener future. Download our sustainability report today and be part of the change.

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