Unique finishing - The full range of finishing types.

Unique finishing

If you want to set your products apart from the competition, you need unique finishing.

The full range of finishing types.

From traditional styles to the most innovative flair

Automatic systems and robotic arms execute the refining and polishing phase of each component, which guarantees precise and consistent results. Our R&D department is constantly developing innovative applications in order to satisfy the client’s needs. We use eco-sustainable and safe methods like water based finishes. These technologies are being applied to all range of finishing types, unless specific requirements are indicated.

Unlimited finishing options

Different finishing options offer varying levels of protection, covering, durability, renovation, and aesthetics.

Finishing is one of the most important phases of wood manufacturing, as it determines how safe and durable the final product will be and how it will look like. The coating applied on the surface, in fact, protects it from dust, moisture, impact, and wear, but it also makes dull unfinished wood more elegant, glamourous, and prestigious.

Minelli Academy

Ensuring the best finish for a specific wood product requires a combination of different abilities that must be demonstrated by highly skilled experts.

You should look for the following to be sure the wood manufacturer you select can provide a top-quality finish:

  • Deep knowledge of the different types of wood and their characteristics
  • Advanced technologies for the sanding (to prepare the raw material) and polishing phase and for the application of the final type of finish
  • Access to the full range of finishing materials
  • Consolidated experience and know-how in defining and implementing the best treatment and type of finish for a specific component based on the desired result
  • Holistic eco-friendly approach both in terms of manufacturing processes and use of materials

Knowledge of wood

Minelli has been operating exclusively in the solid timber sector for eighty years, creating very different types of products (e.g., wooden packages, caps, brushes, gunstocks, toys, hand tools, and leisure, sport, and outdoor items).

Hundreds of types of wood exist in nature, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. An expert manufacturer knows all the features that distinguish the different varieties and treats each one properly.

From our extensive experience, we have gained the necessary competencies to:

  • understand which type of wood our clients should select for a specific product
  • properly manage each type and prepare it to apply the right finish

Advanced technologies

We can rely on innovative automatic processes and robotic arms to Sanding and polish the raw material.

Advanced technologies are required to prepare the wooden surface for the final finish in the most precise and durable way.

Thanks to our machines, we can guarantee the same precision and processing for each surface we manage. This is the most relevant difference between a technologically advanced company and craftsmanship: we can consistently provide the same high-quality standards for each production lot. Moreover, we can offer a full range of finishing technologies, such as:

Manual Spraying

Automatic Robot Spraying




Pad printing


Laser finishing

Digital printing

Finishing materials

A competent wood manufacturer can offer a wide range of finish options to his clients and knows which is the best one to use in each specific case.

Even if there isn’t a wrong or right finish for a specific type of wood, some work better in certain situations and for specific purposes, and your vendor should be able to advise you.

Minelli S.p.A can rely on decades of strong relationships and collaboration with the world’s leading producers of wood finishing materials (e.g., oils, paints, lacquers, and resins), so we can offer all the options currently available on the market.

Thanks to our internal R&D department, we can develop new and unique materials and ensure constant improvements.

More flairs

Besides the classic paints, (polyurethane and acrylic) there are:

  • oil, oil + wax, and oil + wax + polymer finishes
  • water-based finishes
  • polymer coatings
  • soft-touch finishes
  • glossy finishes
  • embossing
  • dipping
  • enamels
  • hot embossing
  • laser engraving

Consolidated experience

Expertise, passion, competence, and professional employees are the most important strengths of the Minelli Group.

The finishing process cannot be completed successfully without a highly qualified expert that coordinates and supervises the different phases, being aware of the interactions between the various elements (right type of wood, technology, and finishing materials). It is like an orchestra: you can have the best instruments and skilled performers, but you need an able conductor to create the perfect symphony.

Wood manufacturing is the same: it’s not enough to have the best materials and most innovative technologies. You must also have experienced and passionate people who understand clients’ requests to achieve the desired result.


Minelli is contributing in its own way by using organic water-based lacquers in its production line.

Sustainability today can’t be ignored: everyone should take some action to reduce its ecological footprint and impact on the environment.

These types of lacquers are created with ingredients derived from recycled materials and renewable sources (i.e., water and organic resin), with a very low content of VOC (volatile organic compound). For these reasons, the production process of lacquers has less of an impact on the environment compared with petroleum products, thanks to the drastic reduction of CO2 emissions.

Organic water-based lacquers

We maintain our high-quality standards in preparing and painting wooden components, paying strict attention to our ecosystem and reducing atmospheric pollution.

By introducing organic water-based lacquers, our goals are:

  • Reduce the use of products resulting from oil refining
  • Cut carbon dioxide emissions
  • Pay close attention to people’s health
  • Create a healthier working environment for our employees

We want to achieve these goals while preserving the highest quality finishes. Water-based resins, in fact, guarantee exceptional technical performance in terms of hardness, chemical resistance, light fastness, and industrial workability.

These characteristics are comparable to those of petroleum-based products and respond to the qualitative standards demanded by the wood industry without damaging our planet.

Case study

Personal Care Finishing Technology Transferred to Gun Stock Market


High-end customers desired finished gunstocks with a finish similar to that found on the consumer’s personal care products.


Having wide experience in different industries, Minelli identified technology that could satisfy the customer needs.


Minelli transferred “soft touch” finishing technology used on hair brush handles and other cosmetic products to gunstock manufacturing.
The technology was adapted to the unique requirements of complex Gunstock industry.


Gunstocks now sport desired finished appearance, meeting customer demands and delivering appearance level required for high-end markets.

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