service reliability - We always strive to meet our deadlines

Service reliability

The best products are not enough if they are not delivered on time

We always strive to meet our deadlines.

Producing top-class wood products is not enough if we do not respect our client’s deadlines and deliver each order as scheduled.

For our clients, receiving their orders on time means they can plan their production cycles accurately and have their products on the market as scheduled. Thanks to our consolidated process, our company’s structure and our tailor made logistic solutions, we can guarantee incomparable service reliability.

Production planning

Orders are meticulously planned in our custom software. Each step ensures timely completion. If delays arise, instant notifications alert the production manager to ensure on-time order fulfillment.

Back-up production lines

Minelli has five plants with multiple production lines, ensuring diversification against unforeseen facility issues. We prioritize backup lines to guarantee timely order delivery.

Dedicated warehousing

Minelli offers dedicated warehousing for JIT delivery across 350,000 square feet. We produce in advance, ensuring clients can order from stock for near-instant delivery.

Case study

Trans-Atlantic Customer Demands JIT Inventory, Requires Innovative Approaches


US Customer Moved to a 30 Day Order-To-Delivery Policy Using Ocean Delivery.
Existing Procedures Set Up To Meet Original 75 Day Policy.
Raw material Preparation (15 Days), Production (30 Days), Ocean Transport (30 Days).


Minelli studied the complete process from raw material ordering to production and delivery to identify crucial steps which can be optimized.


Minelli totally revamped the processes to meet new requirements 60 day supply of dried wood were guaranteed at all times.


Lead times cut by over 50% with no loss of orders shipped. Customer rewarded Minelli with +100% increase in business.

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