Quality consistency - Consistent high quality and precision

Quality consistency

Producing 100 perfect components is easy, producing one million requires skills.

Decades of experience in solid wood processing.

Maintaining high quality and precision consistently on large-scale production represents a complicated challenge that many companies are unable to achieve.

Using groundbreaking technologies and adhering to strict manufacturing procedures allows us to maintain the highest quality and precision standards for each production lot.

Know how

Each production process is analyzed carefully in order to identify all critical points and implement the most effective and safe procedures. This guarantees that the final result meets the client’s wants and needs.


From the time the raw material ordered and accepted into production, Minelli follows a rigorous and efficient process, which guarantees that each point in production is controlled and well accounted for.

Rigorous procedures

All production lines at Minelli are automated and controlled by sophisticated software, which guarantees precision and consistency.

Quality control

Although sophisticated technologies and strict procedures are implemented, quality is still monitored constantly. Each production line is consistently subjected to both automated and manual quality controls.

Case study

Quality Consistency


Inappropriate white spots and shadows appear from the High Gloss finishing. Wood specification cannot be changed.


We find and tested a new filler for shutting the wooden pores. We changed the standard sanding processes and added quality inspections during the varnish process. Optic lamp check introduced.


Unique and high standard of finishing reached. No white spots. Uniform shinny in any radius and wooden areas.


New standard of High Gloss finishing reached by Minelli for the outdoor market. No claim by the customers after 4 year.

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