Precision machining - World leader in precision machining.

Precision machining

Where precision is required, Minelli’s capabilities are unmatched!

World leader in precision machining.

The combination of cutting edge software, innovative machines, and decades of experience in solid wood manufacturing makes Minelli the absolute world leader in precision machining.

All production lines at Minelli use CNC (computer numerical control) machines, mechanical arms, and automatic processes. These production lines are set-up and monitored by experienced professionals with expertise in each industrial process.

Manual and automatic quality control systems are present along each production line to guarantee maximum precision and to ensure that products are up to Minelli’s standards.

An additional factor that is critical in solid wood manufacturing is the actual drying level of the raw material. If the wood contains a high percentage of humidity, its shape and volume may warp over time, causing functionality problems.

Special drying chambers, built with years of experience and monitored by dedicated computer programs, guarantee the correct degree of exsiccation of the raw material before moving into production.

Case study

Requiring wooden components to meet same manufacturing tolerances as plastic components poses challenges


Customer wanted to maintain very strict tolerances on wood components when switching from plastic components.


Advanced robotics – extended quality control procedures (including blanks scanning and orientation, laser scanning of finished articles, and rectification).


Minelli instituted advanced manufacturing techniques to hit and maintain the required tolerance on all wood components.


Faster production processes: target price reached. Easy to be assemble and disassemble. The rifle is in use in the main shooting ranges in the world.

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