Cost effectiveness - We increase efficiency to lower prices

Cost effectiveness

Advanced manufacturing technologies also translates into cost-effectiveness

Increase efficiency to lower prices.

Cost-effectiveness means having high quality products, delivered on time at a competitive price.

Implementing advanced technology and production automation enables Minelli to be an extremely efficient manufacturer. It is because of this that the world’s leading manufacturers and OEMs have chosen Minelli for decades as the preferred partner for the production of solid wood components.


Robots and automated manufacturing lines dramatically improve the production speed and precision compared to traditional manual handmade manufacturing.

Quality control

The combination of high precision manufacturing and rigorous quality control procedures result in very low waste for our clients. Our products follow all technical requirements and standards, which means clients do not have to worry about their delivery not meeting their expectations or being unsuitable for their needs.

Raw material

With regard to solid wood, the desiccation level of the raw material is crucial for the long-term stability of the resulting product. At Minelli, each raw material batch is stored in automatically controlled, special drying chambers until the wood reaches its desired desiccation level. Production is only started once the wood reaches this level.

Dedicated production line

When reaching certain volumes and under specific circumstances, Minelli is capable of developing a tailor made dedicated production line to meet the needs of a client. This dedicated production line can guarantee maximum efficiency.

Case study



The customer needs a wooden rifle stock, multipurpose design, for shooting range use. Easy to assemble and disassemble for maintenance. Defined target price.


Minelli re-designed the customer stock adding the main ergonomics angles and optimizing the shape.


The inletting area was modified to facilitate assembling and disassembling. Stock shape was optimized to enable faster production process that includes robot sanding system.


Faster production processes: target price reachedEasy to be assemble and disassembleThe rifle is in use in the main shooting ranges in the world.

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