Co-design - Co-design is crucial in wood component manufacturing


80 years of experience at your disposal while designing your wood products

Co-design is crucial in wood component manufacturing.

A competent partner can help its customers improve various aspects of the final product during the design phase. This ensures optimal quality, performance, and costs.

As a market leader cross industry with over 80 years of experience in solid wood processing, Minelli Group is capable of providing unmatched consultant services to its clients during the design stage and before moving to full production.

Different teams are assigned to specific industries in order to develop the expertise to produce top-of-the-line products and product lines.

These teams combine manufacturing experience and technological proficiency that is shared between teams. This sharing maximizes efficiency and guarantees state-of-the-art results.

Minelli’s Co-design experts are equipped with cutting-edge software solutions and are capable of modeling and simulating the final product.

Our co-design service

Right raw material selection

Wood characteristics can vary dramatically from one type of wood to another. The selection of the right type of material for a specific product can have a huge impact on the end product’s cost, performance, look, and feel.

Product shape and design

The product’s shape and design has to meet clients’ needs and requirements. The final product should also mirror the optimal raw material and production process. Minelli’s experts will guide the client to their ideal design, combining product specifications, precision, and cost effectiveness.

Production process

Solid wood processing has been our priority for decades. During the co-design phase, we consider all the various production possibilities and if necessary, advise the client of potential modifications.


Based requirements of the finished product, Minelli may suggest a wide range of finishing options. Cost, performance, and ascetic are all taken into consideration at finishing.

Case study

Customer designs don’t always meet cost and performance targets


Customer design for perfume package included small nails, 4 pieces of wood. Bottle could not be blocked safely. Cost targets could not be reached. Nails posed significant safety problems in manufacture and consumer use.


Thanks to previous experience Minelli identified “press fit” to be the best solution.


Minelli re-designed the product to eliminate all nails by incorporating the “press fit” technology. The modified design helped reaching the cost target and improved safety.


Successful product launch. Product now in market over 3 years with no consumer issues. Safety issues eliminated.

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