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Test and refine a product design before full-scale production.

Ensuring product excellence

Perfecting products through comprehensive prototyping.

From virtual models to physical prototypes

We provide a range of prototyping services, from virtual prototyping and 3D printing to CNC machining, to craft early models of proposed products.

At Minelli Systems, we rely heavily on prototyping to assist our clients in evaluating both the functional and aesthetic aspects of a product before transitioning to production.

Prototypes serve as an invaluable tool to identify vulnerabilities, validate material selections, determine user-friendliness, gather feedback, weigh design options, and refine the end product.

Did You know?


of time can be saved during product development if a prototype is built.


prototypes are built by Minelli every year on average.


of design and usability issues of a product are detected before production stage if a prototype is built.

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