How to find the right Contract manufacturer for your Cosmetic packaging?

How to find the right Contract manufacturer for your Cosmetic packaging?

After defining the roles and responsibilities of the Contract manufacturer within the Cosmetic Packaging Industry, it is time to find the right Contract manufacturer. The definitive business partner can be identified after taking into full consideration some specific aspects of an accurate selection process.

Firstly, before making your choice, make your expectations clear.

What to define before searching the right Contract manufacturer?

Before searching the right Contract manufacturer, it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of business aims and product specifications, making the selection process much easier.

Therefore, it is important to define some specific aspects, such as:

  • Product specification. Understanding product features is fundamental to identify the right contract manufacturer who is experienced and specialized for a specific production to meet the expectations.
  • Budget. Find the best Contract manufacturer according to your budget
  • Production schedule. It is necessary for communicating time of product completion and delivery
  • Business Ethics. The right Contract manufacturer represents an integral part of a business or Company as well as an adding-value to share knowledge and work experience.

What to expect from a Contract manufacturer

After finalizing business aims and objectives, it is time to look for a contract manufacturer.

First of all, analyse the following seven specific objectives. Finally, you will be able to find the right Contract manufacturer who is most suitable for your Cosmetic packaging:


To respect this objective, it is necessary to define roles and responsibilities of the Contract manufacturer.  

On this purpose, here are some questions to understand if the Contract manufacturer is qualified, meeting all requirements:

  • Does he have any logistics skills?
  • Can he work in a fast-pace environment and deal with different enquiries?
  • How does he work within and outside the Company business?
  • Does he know about innovation culture?
  • Does he have a specific knowledge of different types of materials, including uncommon ones?

Technology and Machinery equipment

The proper contract manufacturer is able to utilize the most suitable technology and machinery equipment for production.

Here are some questions more:

  • Which types of machinery equipment and resources do you have?
  • Do productors utilize modern and efficient machinery equipment for production?
  • Is the Contract manufacturer ready to provide with new machinery equipment, if necessary?

Space for production and storage

The proper Contract manufacturer is quickly able to provide with additional space for production and storage, without wasting time and money in building or buying new spaces.

On this purpose, here are the following questions:

  • Are your project requirements adequately accomplished, as a small business?
  • Does the Contract manufacturer provide with the proper people, space and machinery equipment to manage work efficiently, as a big business?
  • Does the Contract manufacturer provide with storage? Is this well-distributed and located on the territory according to your requirements?

Qualified Personnel

The proper Contract manufacturer represents the qualified and experienced person who becomes part of your business as a real investment. Thanks to experienced personnel, Company business can be carried out smoothly, without worrying about technical or logistic issues.

On this purpose, ask yourself:

  • Are your senior and operation executives qualified?
  • Does your personnel have engineering knowledge and skills to accomplish project requirements?
  • Do you have a dedicated and qualified account and project manager to supervise your project?

Contract manufacturer location

Is it better to choose a local or an overseas Contract manufacturer? It may be good in both cases. However the choice between these two options can be critical.

Surely, to satisfy all clients’ requests, the Contract manufacturer should prefer Company partners which are located in different areas, having high-potential for business development.

On this purpose, here are some questions more:

  • Does the location enhance efficient Company networking and supply chain resilience?
  • Where will work be carried out?
  • Where will final assembly be carried out?
  • Does the Contract manufacturer provide with storage warehouses located in different areas of the world?

Financial stability

The Contract manufacturer and suppliers must be financially supported. Besides, it is essential to find the ideal Contract manufacturer for investment in case of collaboration with big Corporate structures working on large-scale projects.

Therefore, ask yourself:

  • Does the Contract manufacturer have financial resources to cope with any kind of issues, such as technical and mechanical problems?
  • Is the financial situation stable enough to avoid any risks of work-process interruption and financial deficit?

Customer Relations

The reliable Contract manufacturer works with dedication to the entire project.

To choose the right Contract manufacturer, here are some tips:

  • Is the Contract manufacturer willing to take care of any kind of issues, including small ones?
  • Is it an efficient consultant?
  • Does it take care of the entire production process, starting from design to research and development? And from the choice of raw material to logistics?

After answering all of these questions, the Company selection process will be much easier as well as the choice of your ideal Contract manufacturer for Cosmetic packaging production.

Finally, meet the Contract manufacturer in person and define all packaging production’s steps. Thanks to specialized and professional work-experience, Minelli System is the ideal Cosmetic packaging Contract manufacturer for small Companies as well as big Corporate structures.

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