Innovations for your sustainable luxury packaging

Innovations for your sustainable luxury packaging

Making a mono-material, sustainable luxury packaging completely plastic-free seemed like a utopia, until today.

Minelli Systems has introduced recent innovations in the production of packaging for cosmetics and perfumes, which make it possible to bring to light totally sustainable packaging solutions thanks to two new components that are wood based.

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The plastic-free sustainable luxury packaging is reality

A recent study, carried out by IBM (the American multinational technology company) and published in January 2020, reported that consumers shopping behaviour has become more conscious, especially after pandemic emergency.

The study in fact highlights how fundamental sustainability is for consumers, reporting that:

  • more than 70% of consumers would even pay a premium of 35% for sustainable products, made respecting the circular economy model;
  • 57% of them would change their purchasing habits to safeguard the environment.

These data cannot therefore be ignored by companies wishing to be competitive on the market. Sustainability is a must for the all industries, as well as for cosmetics, and ignoring it means to undermine your reputation and the whole business.

This is the reason why realizing a sustainable luxury packaging is an excellent idea to improve your competitiveness and thanks to Minelli Systems and its innovations you will be able to offer a completely plastic-free sustainable luxury packaging.

Find out our latest innovations here below.

LegnaPin: the monomaterial wood cap for perfumes

As you may have noticed, perfume caps usually feature an inner plastic capsule to ensure a perfect closure. Thanks to the cutting-edge design of Minelli Systems, this component can now be eliminated, allowing for the creation of 100% monomaterial sustainable cosmetic packaging.

LegnaPin, a new patented product from Minelli System, is a wooden cap in which the plastic capsule is replaced by one or three food-contact cylinders made of cork. This solution creates a strong friction with the bottle and guarantees a perfect closure without using plastics, resins or glues.

Sustainability is not the only benefit of this cap: it is also an economic solution, since it is universal. In fact, it is important to know that for the internal plastic capsules it is necessary to make a new mold if the diameter of the cap changes. With this solution it is possible to insert the spurs in any type of wooden cap, without making new molds and new capsules.

Sealing discs made of cork for threaded caps

Minelli Systems has patented a 100% sustainable cosmetic packaging solution with a sealing disc made of cork, which is food-contact grade. Moreover, they are customizable with food-grade colors and laser engraving in order to enhance and brand your product.

The natural properties of cork have made this innovation possible, in fact its compressibility guarantees a safe sealing of the lid, avoiding product leakage. Thanks to our sealing discs it is thus possible to obtain an eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, without plastic, glue nor resin.

Why cork is suitable for your sustainable luxury packaging?

There are many reasons that led Minelli Systems to choose cork for the design of components of sustainable luxury packaging. This material, obtained from the outer bark of a mature cork oak, is in fact:

  • Natural and versatile
  • hygienic and hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for direct contact with wood
  • respectful of the environment, as its extraction does not damage the tree (Harvesting from a mature plant is done manually once every ten years).

Using cork for your luxury packaging is therefore a winning choice because it allows you to obtain a sustainable, high quality and unique packaging, that can stand out from the competition.

Minelli Systems, that is engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge products in the field of cosmetic packaging, has found in this material the solution to create plastic free packaging: LegnaPin and the sealing discs described above are the result of the study of our team, always looking for systems to realize sustainable packaging.

Paolo Minelli
Paolo Minelli
Minelli Systems Director
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