Step-by-step Cosmetic Packaging Design

Before understanding how to design a successful Cosmetic packaging, it is of primary importance to consider its industrial context.

Just a few industrial sectors can increase their customer loyalty portfolio, like the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry. However, as the industrial context is so profitable, it is difficult to be competitive on the market.

If you want to acquire a new customer, you must communicate efficiently to make him quickly understand that your unique product is what he is looking for, while he is visiting your website or looking at the shelves in the store.

How is it possible? Thanks to appealing Cosmetic packaging design, it is possible to attract more customers. Brand awareness is fundamental for packaging, to communicate customers its identity, reliability, accessibility and value.

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Innovations for your sustainable luxury packaging

Making a mono-material, sustainable luxury packaging completely plastic-free seemed like a utopia, until today.

Minelli Systems has introduced recent innovations in the production of packaging for cosmetics and perfumes, which make it possible to bring to light totally sustainable packaging solutions thanks to two new components that are wood based.

Want to know more? Read on!

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Life cycle assessment analysis: why is it important?

As environmental issues affect the global ecosystem in an even more significant way, Minelli Systems is on the front line for developing and realizing environmentally-friendly products.

In fact, since the very beginning Minelli Systems know-how has integrated LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) internal processing analysis during the early stages of project planning.

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What makes an innovative cosmetic packaging?

We clearly defined already what innovation means to Minelli Systems and how to improve it within a Company structure, but what makes an innovative Cosmetic packaging? What makes it unique, trendy and appealing to consumers?

The principles of Cosmetic packaging innovation focus on the choice of sustainable materials, selection of adequate production models, optimizing of logistics and distribution models and concrete commitment to “closing the loop”.

Here below are the innovative Cosmetic packaging’s main features to take into consideration for being competitive and trendy on the market.

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3 things to know about Design for manufacturing

Before getting into details, it is important to define the meaning of Design for manufacturing: this expression defines the design process of components or products whose goal is to produce them at the lowest possible cost, without affecting performance. This result is obtained thanks to simplification, optimization and completion of product design.

DFM or DFMA stands for ‘Design for manufacturing and Assembly’.

DFM is necessary for specific and precise operations, as it may be a rather expensive process if realized during the final steps of product development. In fact, improvements result more difficult and expensive to implement during late project development and planning.

Manufacturing design is usually accomplished after concept consolidation, prototype realization and positive test completion for final design purposes.

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How to find the right Contract manufacturer for your Cosmetic packaging?

After defining the roles and responsibilities of the Contract manufacturer within the Cosmetic Packaging Industry, it is time to find the right Contract manufacturer. The definitive business partner can be identified after taking into full consideration some specific aspects of an accurate selection process.

Firstly, before making your choice, make your expectations clear.

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What cosmetic packaging innovation means to Minelli Systems

We all know the meaning of the word innovation and how this concept is fundamental to emerge in many areas, but today at Minelli Systems we want to tell you about our concept of innovation and what are the aspects to take into consideration to create an innovative cosmetic packaging.

At Minelli Systems innovation means:

taking intelligent risks,
finding a better way of producing,
being pioneers,
encouraging curiosity and creativity,
learning from mistakes,
raising the bar,
embracing new opportunities,
keep learning.

In a nutshell, we strive to deliver the innovation that matters to make truly unique and valuable cosmetic packaging.

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How to conduct a product feasibility study in 5 Steps

Typically, in the early stages of conception and development of a new product, doubts may arise that only a feasibility study can dispel. For the success of the project, it is always necessary to ask yourself some questions, such as:

Who would buy my product?
Who should my target audience be?
What are my competitors?
How much should I sell the product for?
How should I promote it?
What technical, economic and legal constraints do I have?
What are my timelines?
All these questions can only be answered by a detailed feasibility study. In this article we want to help you understand how the feasibility study of a cosmetic packaging is carried out, providing some valuable advice.

But before understanding how to conduct a feasibility study, let’s explain in detail what is meant by this term.

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Wooba™: a sustainable cosmetic packaging idea

We are glad and proud to present Wooba ™, our sustainable cosmetic packaging idea.

A completely “made in Minelli Systems” concept based on circular economy principles: Wooba ™ is a smart combination of materials and production technologies that embodies the future of cosmetic packaging.

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What is contract manufacturing in cosmetic packaging industry?

What is the role of contract manufacturing in the cosmetic packaging industry? Why is it so important, when should you consider hiring a cosmetic packaging manufacturer, and which aspects should you consider?

Through this article we aim to answer all these questions, which will help you developing your cosmetic packaging solutions.

Let’s proceed step by step, by first giving a definition of contract manufacturing.

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