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Feasibility Studies

Evaluate before investment or implementation.

Assessing and comparing productive approaches and methods.

Through detailed analysis before investment or implementation.

Elevating project success through comprehensive feasibility studies

We conduct feasibility studies to assess a project’s potential for success. Our goal is to prove that your product can be produced, meeting all expected technical, functional, budgetary, scheduling, and legal requirements.

In doing so, we outline and refine product alternatives, identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses. We modify the initial scope and uncover new opportunities, minimizing the likelihood of rework and maximizing the success rate of our projects.

Did You know?


of projects fail due to a lack clear requirements and goals (the most common factor for project failures).


is the approximate number of feasibility studies that Minelli performs every year.


of product designs undergoing a formal feasibility analysis generate some form of improvement, whether functional or economic.

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